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USAF B-2A Spirit Stealth strategic Bomber design, Featured detail , and planning.

       USAF B-2A Spirit Stealth strategic Bomber is our second Big aircraft, in this aircraft, i have following plan in this type model. For a bomber, 73*29 cm size , its need a lot of detail for show it.    

  1, full engine detail, in aircraft, there is a repair door can be open, and can be seen the engine detail;

  2, full Cockpit detail include Boarding ladder and entryway

  3, full bomber bay detail and 16 * Mark 84

  4, high detailed metal Landing gear

  5, high detail PE update part include

  6, Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit, Stealth Bomber, AV-1 - 82-1066 "Spirit of America" at KBAD Barksdale Defenders of Liberty Airshow. Decals


     For outward:




  current design error and correcting planning, we already find those error in design, and we are fixing them now, hope can finish it in 1 month.


2017/11/27 17:06
Hello, I have A question about your upcoming 72nd B-52H kit: does it come with the Heavy Stores Adapter Beams (HSAB) ?
2017/11/28 17:30
I think we will try