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Russia T-72B with ERA in Georgia War,2008,include command shield

Modelcollect AS72027 T-72B with Era, it showed Russia army's T-72B in Russia-Georigian war, performed Modern Russia T-72B's improvement, new Rubber front render, real Reactive armour style, and command shield.

Soviet Army T-80B Main Battle Tank Mod 1980,ELITE SQUAD, include command shield

Modelcollect AS72026 T-80B tank is mainly used of plastic, we also used PE set for improve its detail.

T-72B3 Main Battle Tank in Ukraine War,2014, include command shield

Modelcollect AS72028 T-72B3 , it showed T-72B3 in Ukraine war. new Rubber front render, Kontakt-5 explosive reactive armor, and command shield.

T-90 Army Guard 467th Regional Training Center, No.348 ,September 2008

modelcollect AS72006 shows the Russia T-90 in Army Guard 467th Regional Training Center, it has metal hull and plastic body, green color.